Personal commercial

Plans and prices for personal use 

Personal use includes social networking icons, events between individuals such as weddings, and small booklets at offline coterie events. Requests for goods to be sold online, booklets to be distributed to the general public, and other requests where money is generated by the medium in which the work is used should be requested as commercial use. We will do anything as long as it is an interesting request. Please contact us.

Personal Non-Commercial Choice Plan

Face 50$

Bust portrait 100$

whole 100$

Single object 50$

Brief Background 50$

Above design 50$

Color is double the above amount.

They can also be combined.

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Production Procedure

Flow after request

(1) We will respond to your request within 3 days at the latest.

(2) After confirmation, we will hold a meeting via call or chat or email

(3) Please provide the following "Materials to be provided" as appropriate

Information to be provided


Purpose of use

What we look for in a artwork

Image Size

Deadline for works.

■【if possible】 

A group of images that are close to the image you are looking for.

My past paintings that are close to the image you are looking for.

If you can provide these, it will be easier to meet your request. I can show you my past paintings from PIXIV etc.

Production Period

Two weeks for a single person.

One month for backgrounds.

For color, it takes twice as long.

Payment Method

Paypal, Paypay, and Rakuten Bank are supported.

Bank transfer fees are to be borne by the client.

Scope of use of productions

You may use it an unlimited number of times for non-commercial personal use only. If you are unsure of the scope, please feel free to ask.

The author's name does not need to be listed.

Copyrights will not be transferred.

Request example: 

B&W -     Bust-portrait

Client: Leon (lives abroad)

Purpose of use: Drafting for a tattoo

Description: Female breast close-up

Image Size: Any shape that fits the purpose of use.


I would like to tattoo the woman in the above photo (Chungking Express (1994, Wong Kar-Wai )). I would like it to be expressed by line drawing, black surface, and gray surface.

reference image

Usage examples

Tattoo Draft(NANA)

Tattoo DraftEVA

Leon presented a group of images of the type of pattern needed.

Based on these, two types of patterns are presented



Leon selected candidate 2

The line drawing above is to be used for the tattoo drafting. It consists of clear lines and gray and black surfaces.


Submit the image on the left. Ask them to suggest revisions.

Since there were none, the image is now complete.

These exchanges were conducted in English via Discord. He also transferred the money via PayPal.